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​Xiaoyang Zhang
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Xiaoyang Zhang (张晓阳) 

Title Professor

Tel:      (86) 17625918050

Email:    zhangxiaoyang2002@hotmail.com; 201830019@oamail.gdufs.edu.cn  




Professor Xiaoyang Zhang is now working as a Professor in School of English for International Business, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, where he is teaching business law related courses.


Research Areas

Professor Zhang’s research expertise covers a wide range of business law areas (in particular, international economic law and Chinese business law). 


Working Experiences

Previously, he was an Associate Professor (I) cum Business Law Discipline Leader (same as department head) in Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration, the Open University of Hong Kong. He also had abundant practical business experiences derived from his early career endeavors, having held senior management positions in renowned multinational conglomerates (such as Preussag AG in Germany, Golden Ocean Group in the UK, etc.).   



Professor Zhang got his Ph.D. in Law from Law School, University of Strathclyde in the UK in 1996 (as a full scholarship holder). He graduated from University of International Business & Economics in China after accomplishing his undergraduate studies in 1989.



n  Advisory Board Member, European Journal of Comparative Law and Governance (Brill) 

n  Peer Review Board Member, ICSID Review – Foreign Investment Law Journal (Oxford University Press)

n  Editorial Board Member, International Journal of Private Law (Inderscience Publishers)

n  Editorial Board Member, Russian Journal of Comparative Law (Academic Publishing House Researcher)

n  Editorial Review Board Member, International Journal of Asian Business and Information Management (IGI, US)

n  Editor in the International Advisory Committee, International Journal of East Asian Studies (University of Malaya)

n  Advisory Board Member and Editorial Board Member, Journal of Philosophy of International Law (Electronicpublications.org)

l  Referee, American Business Law Journal

l  Referee, European Business Law Review

l  Referee, Statute Law Review

l  Referee, Asian Journal of International Law

l  Referee, Global Journal of Comparative Law

l  Referee, Sydney Law Review

l  Referee, Australian Journal of Asian Law

l  Referee, University of Western Australia Law Review

l  Referee, Deakin Law Review

l  Referee, International & Comparative Law Review

l  Referee, Comparative Law Review

l  Referee, Russian Law Journal

l  Referee, Utrecht Journal of International and European Law

l  Referee, The Commercial Law Quarterly

l  Referee, Journal of Contract Law



Member, Society for Advanced Legal Studies, UK

Member, Asian Society of International Law, Singapore





Zhang Xiaoyang, Chinese Civil Law for Business (Open University of Hong Kong Press, 2013) (ISBN: 978-962-7707-93-6)

(5 chapters), 333 pages.

張曉陽,<中國民法與商業應用> (香港公開大學出版社, 2013) (ISBN: 978-962-7707-97-4) (5 ), 287.


Selected refereed journal articles 

²  Zhang, X. (2017), ‘China’s new legislation for regulating foreign NGOs: an important step in orientating path choice?’, The Company Lawyer, Sweet & Maxwell, Vol. 38 (12).

²  Zhang, X. (2017), ‘Participating in local farmers’ specialized co-operatives: a viable option for foreign investors to acquire non-controlling ownership interest in China’s agricultural sector?’, The Company Lawyer, Sweet & Maxwell, Vol. 38 (9).

 ²  Zhang, X. (2017), ‘Touching upon China's Partnership Law: Critical Aspects for Foreign Businesses’, International Business Law Journal, Sweet & Maxwell, Issue 2.

²  Zhang, X. (2017), ‘What Does China’s Sole Proprietorship Law Mean to Foreign Business People?’, Business Law Review, Kluwer Law International, Vol.38(2).

 ²  Zhang, X. (2016), ‘The legal framework governing business organisations in China: gaining an understanding of its general evolution’, Amicus Curiae, Issue 106.

²  Zhang, X. (2016), ‘China’s Draft Foreign Investment Law: An Envisioned New Model for Regulating Foreign Capital’, International Trade Law and Regulation, Sweet & Maxwell, Vol. 22(3).

²  Zhang, X. (2016), 'Further Dis-applying Differentiated Treatment of Foreign Investment in China: Is This the Only Way Out for the Shanghai Free Trade Zone?', International Business Law Journal, Sweet & Maxwell, Issue 1.

 ²  Zhang, X. (2016), ‘Time to Say Bon Voyage to Foreign Companies’ China Representative Offices: A Longtime Business Vehicle on the Verge of Abandonment?’, International Company and Commercial Law Review, Sweet & Maxwell, Vol. 27(1).

 ²  Zhang, X. (2015), ‘A Heightened Marketization Drive in the Pipeline: Will China’s Seemingly Non-statutory Policy Banks Continue to Survive?’, Business Law Review, Kluwer Law International, Vol. 36(1).

²  Zhang, X. (2013), ‘Protecting Private Property in China – Whose Property?’, The Denning Law Journal, University of Buckingham Press, Vol. 25.

 ²  Zhang, X. (2012), ‘Contemplating privatisation of China’s rural land ownership’, Amicus Curiae, Issue 92.

²  Zhang, X. (2007), ‘Eliminating Privileges Enjoyed by Foreign Investors in China: Rationality and Ramifications under A Unified Tax Code’, Deakin Law Review, Vol. 12(2).

 ²  Zhang, X. (2003), ‘Intended Model and Consequences of Launching Domestic Projects with Overseas Loans: Reflections on Chinese Legal Perspectives of Project Finance’, Journal of International Commercial Law, Ashgate, Vol. 2(1).

²  Zhang, X. (2002),‘More Involvement in Real Business: Assessing China’s FIE Holding Companies’, Journal of Business Law, Sweet Maxwell, Issue 6.

²  Zhang, X. (2001), ‘Arena of Real Estate Investment in China – Game Rules for Foreign Investors’, International Trade and Business Law Annual, Cavendish, Vol.VI.

 ²  Zhang, X. (1998), ‘Settlement of Commercial Disputes with Foreign Elements Involved in Arbitration: Legal Theories and Practice in the UK’, Florida Journal of International Law, William S. Hein & Co., Vol. 12(1).

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