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​About SEIB

    In order to be adapted to the fast-developing society and to education globalization, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies founded the School of English for International Business (SEIB) in 2001, a teaching institution aiming to fostering top talents in International Business, on the basis of the Applied English Modules run by Guangzhou Institute of Foreign Languages, predecessor of GDUFS, and Guangzhou Institute of Foreign Trade. SEIB has committed itself to continuous educational reform featuring foci on comprehensiveness, interdisciplinarity, innovation, and international certification. As a result, it has been established by the Ministry of Education as a "Pilot Institution to Innovate International Business Training Models" and credited by the Ministry of Finance as a school of "Higher Education Institution for Specialized English Education". Furthermore, SEIB is currently one of the most important collective members of the China Association of Forensic Linguistics (CAFL) and of the China Association of International Business English, with faculty members being president or vice-president there.

    With unremitting efforts to strive for excellence, SEIB, persevering to its characteristic education and placing focus on cross-culture understanding, commits itself to cultivating talents featuring a strong sense of both ethics and expertise and capability of cross-cultural communication and innovation. Graduates from SEIB, specialized in Business English and International Business, are prepared to participate directly into international competitions due to their international vision and their good command of international practices. Moreover, SEIB has never stopped its efforts to build itself into a top teaching-research school of in-depth internationalization and distinct characteristics.   

    SEIB is among the first higher education institutions approved by the Ministry of Education to offer a BA program on Business English and is also the first school of higher education to use English as the instructional language for all courses. There are currently two specialized programs: Business English and International Business. Business English majors may choose to go after one of four business orientations and International Business majors may have the opportunity to be admitted into the "International Business Innovation Class" to work on dual-degree programs or into the "CIMA Class" co-founded by SEIB and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountant (CIMA). SEIB is one of the first to be approved to start an MA program and even a PhD program on Business English Studies, and therefore, it has accomplished a complete system of programs covering all levels including BA, MA and PhD degrees. Besides, it also offers an MA module oriented at Forensic Linguistics.   

    SEIB is boasting a productive and experienced staff, 95% of whom have overseas educational background. In addition, SEIB has recruited many foreign experts experienced in either teaching or business practice, leading GDUFS in education internationalization.   

    Nearly 2000 students are now studying at SEIB, including undergraduates, postgraduates and international students. As a pioneer in adopting English as the instructional language, SEIB has developed a training model dedicated to acquisition of both academic knowledge and practical skills for the purpose of ability cultivation. Thanks to the success of such a model, SEIB has already gained a reputation for quality graduates, who are most welcome by employers such as the "Fortune 500 Enterprises", the four largest international accounting firms, businesses dealing in foreign trade, and foreign-related enterprises, due to their expertise in their professional fields as well as their good command of English. For many years, SEIB graduates have enjoyed a high rate of employment and have received considerable job offers from reputable employers.   

    In recent years, SEIB has been continuously expanding its scope of international cooperation and exchange, reaching a high level of internationalization. So far, it has already cooperated with many universities from USA, Germany, UK, Australia and Canada in exchange student programs and cooperative teaching programs. Sending faculty members to study at prestigious overseas universities annually, SEIB has achieved high-level overseas cooperation and considerably internationalized its teaching, research and management.  


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