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Learning & Teaching

Achievements in Teaching and Research

Research Achievements

In 2007, SEIB was added into the list of “Specialized English Teaching Institutions of Higher Education” by Ministries of Education and Treasury.

In 2010 the International Business Program was approved to be one of the “GDUFS Special Programs” and is now in the application process for “Guangdong Special Programs”.

Teaching Teams

SEIB values effective team work. There are currently five teaching teams, which have played important roles in pushing forward teaching and research and developing teaching resources.

Team Leader

Teaching Subject


YUAN Chuanyou

Legal English

provincial level

GUO Guihang

International Business (English)

provincial level

WANG Xiaohai

Culture of English-speaking Countries

University level

ZENG Lisha

Basic Translation and Business Translation

University level

CHEN Xiaoxiao

Business English Writing

University level (2015)

SEIB attaches great importance to the cultivation of students’ practical ability and has established stable experiential study bases in cooperation with various institutions and enterprises, such as China Import and Export Fair (also known as “Canton Fair”), Famous Furniture Fair Dongguan, Guangdong lawyers association, Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court, GF Securities, the Electronic Banking Center (Guangzhou) of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Yangcheng Certified Public Accountants, Baiyun District People’s Court, Guangdong Guangxin Trade Development Co., Ltd., Kingfa SCI & TEAH. Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Tongming Holdings Limited, Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce and etc. Besides, SEIB from time to time organize students to conduct social surveys on enterprises, as a way to enhance their understanding of social realities and the general public.

In 2013, SEIB’s “Canton Fair” Base was successfully accredited as a National Experiential Study Base.

In 2015, the Guangzhou Intermediate Court Base of Legal English was successfully accredited as a Provincial Experiential Study Base.

Provincial Quality Higher Education Project and other teaching and research projects

The project of “Multi-modal Cognitive Approach to Legal English Teaching”, directed by Professor Du Jinbang, was approved to be incubated as a preparatory project for the Award of Guangdong Higher Education.

As per the development of “Model Courses”, Introduction to Contemporary Business is accredited as a “National Model Course of Bilingual Teaching”, and Accounting Principles, started and developed by Prof. Guo Guihang, was accredited as one of the Brand Courses for International Students by the Ministry of Education. In addition, courses such as Contemporary Business Ethics and Social Responsibility, Accounting Principles, Legal English, and the Society and Culture of English-speaking Countries are accredited as the “Provincial Model Open Courses”, and another 10 courses are ranked as “GDUFS Model Open Courses”.

In order to promote research on teaching, intensify teaching reform and advance undergraduate education, SEIB faculty members are active in applying for academic projects on teaching and have achieved significantly, having 9 Provincial Projects on Educational Reform and Research approved between 2012 and 2015.

Award-winning Faculty Members

Faculty members

Awards or Titles

Prof. Zeng Lisha

2008 Celebrity Teachers of GDUFS

Prof. Du Jinbang

2010 Celebrity Teachers of GDUFS

Shi Jing

2011 Top Ten Young Teachers of GDUFS & First Prize of the First Lecture Presentation Contest

Zheng Tie

2012 Yiqun Award for Teaching

Chen Haihui

Second Prize of the Third SFLEP National Foreign Language Teaching Contest ( Guangdong ) in 2012

Lu Lu

2013 Top Ten Young Teachers of GDUFS & Second Prize of the Second Lecture Presentation Contest

Hao Jia

First Prize of Guangdong Micro-teaching Contest (Non-Language Teaching Category) in 2015

Third Prize of the Third Lecture Presentation Contest in 2015

Yuan Yuan

Third Prize of Guangdong Micro-teaching Contest (Language Teaching Category) in 2015

Prof. Dai Guiyu

2015 Yiqun Award for Teaching


SEIB encourages its staff to write or compile textbooks featuring innovative ability training and adaptation to the development in corresponding academic disciplines. So far, SEIB has published several series of textbooks that are consistent with its goals for teaching and research, suitable for its curricula, and characteristic of the most updated academic research. Of those textbooks, 4 are GDUFS Planned Textbooks of the “Twelfth Five-year Plan”, 1 is a National Planned Textbooks of the “Twelfth Five-year Plan”, 7 Planned Textbooks of the “Eleventh Five-year Plan”.


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