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Academic Programs

Undergraduate Education

Business English Program

SEIB successfully obtained the approval of the Ministry of Education in 2007 and became one of the first schools to offer the Business English Program to undergraduates. Insisting on the combination of language teaching and professional training, SEIB has already formed its unique model of "English teaching + business teaching". Students working on this Program may choose one of the four orientations: International Business Management, International Trade, International Finance and International Business Law. In order to carry out a reform on academic credit system, SEIB begins to practice orientation-free recruitment for the International Business Program. Students recruited by such a means need not to decide on their orientations in a hurry but first to receive general education on International Business, and therefore are given more freedom and bigger chance to decide their own path.

International Business (English) Program

The International Business (English) Program is a comparatively new program approved by the Ministry of Education in 2004. This Program was adapted from the former “International Business Management Class (English)”, and its goal is to cultivating practice-oriented international business management professionals who have polished competition edge in international competition and cooperation due to their mastery of both systematic knowledge of international business theories and business practice and their foreign language competence as well as their excellent IT skills.

Upon approval of the Ministry of Education, SEIB has been made a "Pilot Institution to Innovate International Business Training Models" since 2010. With a view to exploring a new model of international business training, SEIB recruited 60 students out of the GUDFS enrollment in that year to form the first “International Business Innovation Classes”, who were supposed to be conferred with bachelor degrees on both management and literature. In 2015, SEIB and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) cofounded the “CIMA Class”, which aims to innovating the training model and enhance the training quality through exterior motivations such as CIMA assessment or other international certifications.

"4+0" Business English (International Business Management) Duel-degree Program

SEIB started running "4+0"Business English (International Business Management) Duel-degree Program in 2010, which recruits students from all faculties and schools of GDUFS, thus having promoted its unique model to the University level and cultivated more graduated with comprehensive educational background.

Program Features

Program Feature One: Teaching Business in English

SEIB adopts an “all-English model” in nearly every segment of teaching, including choosing textbooks originally written in English and the use of English for lectures, in-class discussions, after-class assignments, examinations and thesis-writing. In this way, students learn professional knowledge while in the meantime acquire English.

Program Feature Two: Orientating at Ability

In order to achieve the integration of knowledge teaching and ability training, especially to holistically enhance students’ “Five Abilities” (cross-cultural communicative ability, practical ability, innovative ability, entrepreneurial ability and self-study ability), SEIB has built up an experiential teaching system integrating experiment teaching, professional field study, dissertation writing (or project design), innovative activities and social practice in its teaching curricula.

Program Feature Three:

By use of measurements such as related national standards and exterior assessments from professional associations like CIMA, SEIB has been constantly reviewing its commitment to education and intensifying reforms in teaching and management. It sticks to quality education and never ceases its efforts to optimize its training models


Quality of Education

SEIB’s students’ performance in TEM4 and TEM 8 is far better than the national average. For year, SEIB has trained a great number of top-quality international business talents with comprehensive educational background. SEIB’s graduates, with a polished competitive edge, are very popular with employers, enjoying a high rate of quality employment. The annual employment rate of SEIB graduates is over 99.6%, and SEIB has accordingly received awards from the University for its achievements in students’ employment for several consecutive years.

Students' Employment

SEIB’s graduates, with a polished competitive edge, are very popular with employers, enjoying a high rate of quality employment. They are mainly employed by the "Fortune 500 Enterprises", the four largest international accounting firms, businesses dealing in foreign trade, and foreign-related enterprises.

Graduates' Employment in theLast Four Years





Government Department




International accounting firms



State-owned Banks



Ernst & Young












Foreign banks


Joint-equity commercial banks


ChinaSouth Airline


China Mobile(Guangdong)



Postgraduate Education    

I. Postgraduate Programs

SEIB offers a PhD program and an MA program on Business English Studies (a Class-two discipline) under the Class-one discipline of Foreign Language and Literature, and an MA orientation and a PhD orientation at Forensic Linguistics under the Class-one discipline of Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics.

Goals and Characteristics of the Business English Studies programs:

1. SEIB is the very first institution in China to have the qualification to confer MA and PhD degrees on Business English Studies.

2. Such programs are designed to cultivate top-quality Business professionals, who are supposed to be proficient in

English, sensitive to cross-cultural communication, and well adjusted to global competitions with their systematic business knowledge, broad international.

3. The curricula of the program display interdisciplinary characteristics by including such courses as Linguistics, Crossculture Communication, Economics, Management, International Business and etc.


Goals and Characteristics of the Forensic Linguistics orientations:

1. Forensic Linguistics is an interdisciplinary discipline across Law and Linguistics. SEIB’s Forensic Linguistics orientations intend to cultivate top-level professionals with comprehensive educational background, who are supposed to be equipped with basic theoretical knowledge of both law and forensic linguistics and possess the ability to apply such knowledge.

2. SEIB is the first in China to recruit MA students and PhD candidates on Forensic Linguistics.

3. SEIB is the first to publish a complete set of legal English textbooks covering a variety of related courses. SEIB offers postgraduate students of Forensic Linguistics such courses as Linguistics, Studies on Chinese and Foreign Law, Analysis of Chinese and Foreign Cases, Legal Translation, Business Translation, International Business, Research Design, and etc.

4. As a core member of CAFL, SEIB has an easy access to the nation-wide pool of expert researchers in legal English studies. Communication and exchange with those experts benefit both SEIB faculty members and students in their improved research ability and widened academic vision.

5. SEIB founded special bases of legal practice and legal translation specifically for postgraduates of Forensic Linguistics. Every one of them is thus guaranteed the opportunity to participate in professional practice.


II. Research and Activities of Postgraduate Students

Under the guidance of famous professors, SEIB’s postgraduate students progress both academically and spiritually. They enthusiastically engaged themselves in lectures, research drills, teaching practice and thesis writing. In recent five years, they have published more than 80 academic papers. In addition, they actively participate in contests and competitions at various levels, having won over 60 awards for the past five years. In their spare time, they organize and take part in a variety of academic and cultural activities.


III. Postgraduate Students' Employment

Due to their competitive research ability, SEIB’s postgraduate students are very popular with employers, enjoying a high rate of quality employment (100% for the last two years). SEIB has received awards from the University for its achievements in postgraduate students’ employment for consecutive four years. The majority of the postgraduate students find their occupational positions in the central and local government departments, foreign trade departments, judicial sectors, large-scale state-owned enterprises, renowned multi-national corporations and higher education institutions. To be specific, of them, 60% go to higher education institutions, 8% governmental departments and institutions, 8% state-owned enterprises, 6% secondary education institutions, 7% foreign-owned enterprises, and 13% private-owned enterprises and others.


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