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XU Zhanghong
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XU Zhanghong      







Research Areas  

Pragmatics; Forensic Linguistics; Business English Studies; Metaphor Studies  


09/1999-07/2002 Center for Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Guangdong,China.   Ph.D. in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics    

09/1987-07/1990  School of foreign languages, Wuhan University,Hubei, China.   M. A. in English Linguistics and Literature    

09/1980-07/1984    Department of English language, Hubei Normal University, Hubei, China. B.A. English language and culture    

Professional Experiences  

04/2013- now  ProfessorDepartment of International Economic Law, School of English for International Business, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.    

09/2002-10/2012   Associate Professor Department of International Economic Law, School of English for International Business, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.    



Comprehensive English,AdvancedEnglish Writing, English Lexicography, English Phonetics, etc    


Pragmatics in Business Context    


Preliminary Analysis of English Active and Passive verbs, English Knowledge, Dalian University of Foreign Languages.1993  

On the Concessive clauses in English. Journal of Hubei Normal University, 1994(4).  

On the Fundamental Principles and Strategies of Paraphrase. Central China Normal University Press, 1994  

The Cultivation of Intercultural and Cultural Sensitivity. Jjournal of Hubei Normal University; 1995(2).  

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On the Different ways of Expressing the Notion of immediateness .   Journal of Hubei Normal University;1997(3).  

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Comment on Searls Theory of Indirect Speech Act. Journal of Hubei Normal University;1999(3).  

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On the Cause of Mistaken Orientation in Hedges Research. Journal of XIAn Foreign Language Studies. 2012(7).  

A Pragmatic Analysis of Verbal Wrangling. Modern Languages. Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. 2012(8).  

Conference Presentations    

Combating Judicial Injustice. The 12thBiennial International Conference on Language and Law. International Association of Forensic Linguistics, Guangzhou, China, June 2015    

Current Research  

Pragmatics in Business Context, Detecting Deception in legal context.  

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