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Departmant of English for Business Law
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Departmant of English for Business Law

YUAN Chuanyou
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Professor of English,PhD in linguistics and applied linguistics,    

Supervisor of PhD and MA students in forensic linguistics.    

VicePresident of the China Association of Forensic Linguistics.    

Ordinary Member of the International Association of Forensic Linguists.  


Research Areas  

Forensic Linguistics, Systemic Functional Linguistics, Legal and Business Discourse Studies  


09/2003-12/2007    Key Research Center for Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, GDUFS,   Ph.D in Forensic Linguistics    

09/1990-04/1993    Jilin University of Technology,    M.A. in English for Specific Purposes    

09/1986-07/1990    Siping Tachers College,   B.A. in English  

Professional Experiences  

01/2013-07/2013  Senior Visiting Researcher of Cardiff University.  

11/2013   PhD Supervisor, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.  

12/2010   Professor, School of English for International Business, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.  

09/2006-11/2010   Associate Professor, School of English for International Business, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.  

09/2001-07/2003    Associate Professor, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Yanshan University    

07/1994-09/2001    Lecturer, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Yanshan University    



English for Law; International Business Law  


Functional Analysis of Business and Legal Discourse, Comparative Legal Case Analysis    


Journal Articles  

Yuan Chuanyou & Hu Jinfen. 2012. Punishing crimes: An analysis of appraisal resources in public prosecution’s statements [J]. Journal of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies 23: 55-59.  

Yuan Chuanyou & Hu Jinfen. 2011. An adaptation analysis of engagement resources in lawyer representation [J]. Languages Teaching and Linguistic Studies 3:87-94.  

Yuan Chuanyou. 2010. Construction of multimodal information and cognition model from teaching and learning practice [J]. Research in Teaching 33: 50-55.  

Yuan Chuanyou. 2010. A tripartite model of multimodal information and cognition: Trial application on the teaching and learning of legal English [J]. Shandong Foreign Language Teaching Journal 137: 10-18.  

Yuan Chuanyou & Liao Zexia. 2010. On the Implicit Persuasion of Rhetorical Questions in Attorneys’ Pleading [J]. Modern Rhetoric 160: 24-30.  

Yuan Chuanyou. 2010. Speech accommodation in investigation interrogations [J]. Journal of Jilin Radio and TV University 104: 13-15.  

Yuan C. 2009. Avoiding Revictimization: Shifting from Police Interrogations to Police Interviewing in China [J]. International Journal of Speech Language and the Law 16: 293-297.  

Yuan, Chuanyou. 2008. Interpersonal meanings in police interrogations: An appraisal-engagement perspective [J]. Modern Foreign Languages 31: 141-149.  

Yuan, Chuanyou. 2005. Construction of Chinese Police Caution System on the Basis of Discourse Analysis of Police Caution in USA, UK and China [J]. Rhetoric Learning 127: 12-17.  

Yuan, Chuanyou. 2001. My views on interdisciplinary construction and education administration at English department [J]. Research in Teaching 24: 50-55.  


Yuan, Chuanyou. 2010. Avoiding Revictimization: A Study of Police Interrogations [M]. Beijing: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press.  

Conference Presentations and Proceedings  

IAFL12 (2015)  Visualizing ‘Rule of Law’ and ‘Anti-Corruption’ in Cartoon Animations: A Multimodal Analysis of Public Legal Education Discourse, GDUFS, Guangzhou, China    

IAFL11 (2013)  The best of times or the worst of times? (Micro-)blogging and multimodality in public legal education discourse in China. UNAM, Mexico City,  

IAFL10 (2011)  Appreciate others’ beauty as well as one’s own: a contrastive multimodal discourse analysis of two courtroom trials. Aston University, Birmingham. In Proceedings of The International Association of Forensic Linguists’ Tenth Biennial Conference  

IAFL09 (2009)   Justice Must be Seen to be Done: An Empirical Study of Appraisal Resources in Chinese and Common-law Civil Judgments., VU University, Amsterdam.  


Current Research  

Forensic Discourse Analysis, Multimodal Discourse Analysis, Business Discourse Analysis  

National research project: Multimodality in New Media Public Legal Education Discourse  

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