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SHI Jing
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Associate Professor      





Research Areas  

English Language Teaching and Research  


09/2015  PhD Candidate, The University of Macau  

09/2003—01/2005    MA in Globalization and Development, The University of Warwick, England  

09/1999—06/2003    BA in English with Distinction, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS)  

Professional Experiences  

Associate ProfessorDepartment of English Language Teaching, School of English for International Business, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies    

Chief Trainer, Intensive English program for MBA Students, Graduate School of Business,  GDUFS  



Comprehensive English, Basic English Writing, Listening Comprehension, Study Skills  


Intensive English program for MBA Students, Graduate School of Business,  GDUFS  


Shi, J. (2015). The Mode of Micro-Teaching Training for College ELT Teachers: A Critical Assessment (in Chinese). English Teachers, forthcoming  


Shi, J. (2014). Pedagogic Processing of Corpora and Its Effects on ESL Learners' Medium-Term Language Awareness Enhancement. International Journal of English Linguistics, 4(4), 63-73.  


Shi, J. (2014). Learning by Doing. English Teaching Professional, 91(3),49-50 .  

Shi,J.(2013). The application of DDL in English language teaching for MBA students(in Chinese). English Teachers, 13(8), 18-23,31.  


Shi,J.(2013). The application of constructivism: activities for enlivening comprehensive English class. English Language Teaching, 6(2), 63-70.  

Shi, J.(2013). The application of Data-Driven Learning in business English teaching for MBA students in China: a critical assessment. International Journal of English Linguistics, 3(1), 26-30.  


Shi, J. & He, J. (2012). An analysis of research on business lexicography in China and compilation of a business English Learners’ Dictionary(in Chinese). Foreign Language and Literature, 28(5), 88-91.  


Shi, J.(2012). The application of Sketch Engine in business English vocabulary teaching(in Chinese). English Teachers, 12(7), 53-60.  


Shi, J.& He, J.(2012). An analysis of research on business English lexical teaching in China(in Chinese). Journal of Huizhou University, 32(5), 60-63.  


Shi,J.(2009).The relation between declarative knowledge and TEM4 passage dictation: an assessment of the experiment based on schema theory(in Chinese). Journal of West Anhui University, 25(1), 127-131.  


Shi,J.(2006).The application of the American-published textbooks for spoken English in China: an assessment and analysis(in Chinese). Journal of Guangdong AIB Polytechnic College, 22(1), 48-52.  


Shi,J.(2008).Decoding Dan Brown’s unique fictional style: an analysis of the fictional techniques of angels and demons(in Chinese). Journal of Hanshan Normal University, 29(4), 53-56.  

Shi,J.(2006). A successful combination of tradition and post-modernism:the success of the da vinci code(in Chinese). Journal of Shaoguan University, 27(10), 62-64.  


Shi,J.(2007). A critical assessment of China’s role in the south China sea dispute(in Chinese). Southeast Asian Affairs, 131(3), 32-38.  


Shi,J.(2008).Getting China right:the Chinese world order and asia-pacific regional integration. Contemporary International Relations, 18(6), 74-91.  

Conference Presentations    

Annual Conference of China English Language Education Association, Wuhan, China, 2013  

Annual Conference of Hong Kong Association of Applied Linguistics, Hong Kong, China, 2014  

Current Research  

Business English Teaching and Research  

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